Freelance Photography – The Tough Job of Photo-Journalism

Photojournalism is a broader term used for candid photography. It can be said that this is the trickiest type of photography. Catching candid art isn’t as easy as it may appear to start.

Photographers pursuing photo-journalism are expected to hold a great amount of expertise in dealing with the angles of portraiture. There is a vast choice of scenes that can be clicked to make the candid portrait pop with life! To make it simple, it can be said that the professional photo-journalists are a cut above the other category of photographers, as they know how to present a story in just a single click.

Defined, photo journalism is a single photo that tells an entire story.

The shots clicked by these photographers are the type to be seen in magazines and newspapers. This type of photo-journalism falls under all subjects of photography but the clicked image needs to be worthy to get published in newspapers with the respective story.

Modern day wedding photography often uses a photo journalistic-style of photography. Remember, a photo with a story?

These days there are many photographers being hired as freelancers to conduct this type of freelance photography.

This kind of photography is usually performed by the journalists who work closely with newspaper photographers and receive commission to produce images that get published with the articles. But freelancer’s are seen fulfilling this job more diligently and are primed for hire. If you’re wanting to be a photo-journalist then hats off to you. This is a well respected form of photography, and as mentioned previously, often one of the trickiest types of photography.

The second type of journalism photography is where an image is used to cover the story without taking the mention of words. Here, often a single image is used or sometimes one uses as many as ten images that get published in magazines or newspapers. The most impressive quality of a photo-journalist is that his ability to respond rapidly whenever there is scene concluded news worthy.

Some photo-journalists get enough shooting assignments from various newspapers or magazines as freelance photographers, others do not. It’s a hard field to enter, and not nearly as easy as the traditional family, child or wedding photography. Clearly, this is why many photographers use this method in all their portrait assignments.

Their job is extremely harsh and difficult as they are expected to take pictures both in extreme conditions as well as in challenging situations. Telling a story was never harder, but more rewarding.

There is a lot of information online regarding this type of photography. Chances are there is an online Photography Community that you can join that will teach you everything you want to know about how to tell a story with a single photo.

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Comparing Traditional Photography With Digital Photography

One of the 20th century’s most innovative technologies has to be digital photography. The results are at least as good as traditional photography and many times even better, with the added benefit that it cost about half as much. You only print the images you really want or need which makes digital photography is both environmentally friendly and cost effective. There is absolutely no waste as there is not film required. You no longer have a waiting period for sharing your pictures either as long as you have a computer and internet connection pictures can be shared practically instantly.

Progress in Photography

Taking pictures is a popular pastime, hobby or even a source of income for many today. Since the early days photography has come a long way, and remained as popular as ever in the process. To be quite honest digital photography is opening the door for more and more people and has become more popular than film based photography. This is particularly true of professional photographers. Experienced photographers are finding the digital age to carry with it a bit of a learning curve.

Digital Cameras

The digital camera is very popular with experts and amateurs alike and they are in effect tiny computers. The quality of images will vary depending on the camera you have and this quality has steadily improved however, there are those who insist they are not nearly on par with the standard camera. One common mistake people make when shopping for a digital camera is to look for the largest and most expensive model. What you should focus on instead is which camera is going to suit your needs and provide the type of images or options you are looking for. A big bonus for the digital format is the lack of film; you can use the storage device repeatedly and not spend an extra dime. Photographers who have used the typical camera and film know the frustration of limited storage capacity. You take a picture, print it and now must buy more film.

Technology Age

Digital technology has added a great deal too traditional photography options. For the most part photography has all gone digital, from the camera to the processing. This is probably the biggest evolution in the world of picture taking since the invention of the technology. Not only are you able to take more images due to unlimited storage you can now manipulate them more easily.

An individual with a proper digital camera, computer and the right software can produce studio like prints in no time flat. All you need to do is possess the correct equipment and learn how to use it to become a professional photographer. Digital processing and computer technology have opened the field up for just about anyone to enter.


Traditional and digital photography truly complement one another. Whether you are a professional or amateur each of these, have their respective places in your life. Traditional photography skills are definitely transferrable to the digital photography application. The bottom line is that both these forms of photography have a place in the world. In the perfect scenario, photographers will realize this fact and use both technologies to produce fantastic work. The world is changing becoming more modern and technology driven; digital photography is simply another example of this fact.